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This luxurious RV borrows design features from motorsports, gets sky lounge

The Sky Lounge is one of the primary highlights of the motorhome which is exclusively reserved for panoramic views.

While most luxurious motorhomes and boxy and come with a similar design language, the Elemment Palazzo by Marchi Mobile doesn’t look like any traditional recreational vehicle. This unique vehicle combines design features from the world of motorsports, aviation and yachting to create a singular road-going luxurious motorhome.

The motorhome gets a striking appearance that makes it look much ahead of its time.

It has been manufactured using high performance carbon fiber materials and sports design lines and 36-inch rim covers that resemble those of the latest race cars. The RV’s cockpit features a central digital instrumentation and MMI control – all inspired by the cockpits of jets.

It also features a panoramic, helicopter-like windshield that can also be darkened in two stages by using an adjustable sun protection system. The primary highlight of the vehicle is the sky lounge. The Sky Lounge is one of the true highlights of the motorhome which is exclusively reserved for panoramic views. Its automatic lift system raises it up out of the body to create a walled-in roof deck.

Interior of the motorhome

The deck is a home away from home, featuring integrated lounge furniture and radiant floor heating. It gets a specially developed air convection system that ensures a convenient interior temperature and prevents excess pressurization when sliding out the full-wall room extensions.

Other highlights of the motorhome include a four-meter couch within reach of a bar, a wine cabinet and an icemaker as well as a large TV screen across the room. There is an open kitchenette as well. The motorhome also gets a spa, providing a private retreat and featuring a 1.5 sqm glazed rainfall shower. 

The bathroom is separated from the living room and master bedroom and can be entered from either. The master bedroom comes with a king-size bed with the linen of the highest quality. The bedroom furnishings also provide ample storage capacity; there’s a dressing table and a large-screen TV as well. 

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