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Elon Musk Reveals Why Tesla Won’t Focus on Increasing Driving Range of its Cars

Elon Musk recently clarified that Tesla’s priority is not to increase the driving range of its electric vehicles as it would hinder the performance of the car. He added that the company could have made a 600-mile Model S a year ago. “But that would’ve made the product worse IMO [in my opinion], as 99.9% of the time you’d be carrying unneeded battery mass, which makes acceleration, handling & efficiency worse. Even our 400+ mile range car is more than almost anyone will use,” he said on Twitter while responding to Whole Mars Catalog’s post.Elon Musk Reveals Why Tesla Won’t Focus on Increasing Driving Range of its Cars© Provided by News18 Elon Musk Reveals Why Tesla Won’t Focus on Increasing Driving Range of its Cars

The tweet by Whole Mars Catalog said that Lucid Motors delivered the first 500 mile EV while Tesla would be the first one to mass-produce it.

Let’s have a look at the specification of each of the vehicles:

Lucid Air Electric Sedan

The basic model features a single electric motor that produces 480 horsepower. The rest of the models consist of dual electric motors and give different power outputs based on model specifications. The Touring model gives 650 horsepower output, Grand Touring generates 800, the Dream Edition gives 933 horsepower and the top model, which is the Dream Edition Performance Model, generates a whopping 1111 horsepower output. The Dream Edition Performance Range can hit 144 mph (miles per hour) in 9.9 seconds. The electric vehicle can run up to 520 miles on a single charge, reported ZigWheels.

Tesla Model S

The Model S basic features a dual electric motor setup that produces an output of 670 horsepower, and the Model S Plaid offers a peak performance of 1020 horsepower with a tri-motor setup that features torque vectoring and three independent carbon-sleeved rotors. The basic model provides an acceleration of 0-60 mph in 3.1 seconds while the Model S Plaid can achieve the same in 1.99 seconds. The basic model can run up to 405 miles and the Model S Plaid can run up to 396 miles on a single charge.

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