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Here’s How Much Tesla Cars Cost And How Long You Will Wait For Delivery

All the prices and estimated delivery times in one place.

Tesla electric cars are the ones sold in the highest number in the US, which translated to nearly three-quarters of the total number of new BEV registrations in January.

Since the interest in Tesla is so high, let’s take a look at the lineup after the most recent price increase of some of the models.

Several days ago, Tesla increased the prices of all Model Y and Long Range AWD Model 3 by $1,000, while the prices of other versions, as well as the Model S/Model X, remain the same.

Price changes (without DST):

Tesla Model 3:

  • RWD: $46,490 (no change)
  • Long Range AWD: up $1,000 (or 2.0%) from $50,990 to $51,990
  • Performance: (no change)

Tesla Model Y:

  • Long Range AWD: up $1,000 (or 1.7%) from $58,990 to $59,990
  • Performance: up $1,000 (or 1.6%) from $63,990 to $64,990

After including the $1,200 DST, there is no way to get a new Tesla Model Y below $60,000 (actually since November 2021). The Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD heads towards $55,000, but thanks to the entry-level LFP-powered version, there is one version available below $48,000.

Besides the price increase, another issue is the availability of new electric cars. Tesla, like many other manufacturers, has a long queue of customers waiting.

To address this issue, Tesla differentiates estimated delivery time between particular versions, usually offering delivery faster if the order includes options (bigger wheels, color, or recently also the $12,000 Full Self-Driving option).

Estimated delivery time (new orders):

Tesla Model 3:

  • RWD:18″ Aero Wheels: August, 2022 (May, 2022 with FSD)19″ Sport Wheels ($1,500): July, 2022 (May, 2022 with FSD)
  • Long Range AWD: May, 2022 (April, 2022 with FSD)
  • Performance: May, 2022

Tesla Model S:

  • Long Range:19″ Tempest Wheels: November, 202221″ Arachnid Wheels ($4,500): July, 2022
  • Plaid: 4-10 weeks

Tesla Model X:

  • Long Range:20″ Cyberstream Wheels: January, 202322″ Turbine Wheels ($5,500): January, 2023
  • Plaid: October, 2022

Tesla Model Y:

  • Long Range AWD:19″ Gemini Wheels: December, 2022 (May, 2022 with FSD)20″ Induction Wheels ($2,000): September, 2022 (May, 2022 with FSD)
  • Performance: May, 2022

More changes on the horizon

One big unanswered question about the near future is the new Tesla Model Y cars produced at the Tesla Giga Austin plant in Texas.

Because of the use of the new 4680-type cylindrical battery cells, those cars potentially might offer different specs.

Only time will tell whether we will see a higher-range Model Y, as the current one peaks at 330 miles (531 km) EPA.

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