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Audi RS e-tron GT is quickest accelerating production car in India

With AWD, 646hp and 830Nm of instant torque, Audi’s EV sports car accelerates quicker than any other stock car.

The Audi RS e-tron GT, the brand’s flagship EV, has taken the crown for not just the quickest-accelerating EV, but also the quickest-accelerating production car in India. At the recently held Drag Star Night Race hosted by Elite Octane Inc at Mumbai’s Pawan Hans airstrip, the RS e-tron GT, piloted by Autocar India Road Test Editor Saumil Shah, set a quarter-mile time of 11.110sec – the quickest ever recorded by an unmodified car in India. Moreover, the four-door EV was the third quickest car at the event, beaten only by two modified Nissan GT-Rs, which posted times of 10.848sec and 10.539sec. 

Audi RS e-tron GT posts record quarter-mile time with no modifications

A recorded time in the low 11sec range has thus far been the realm of only heavily modified cars in India, and this makes the RS e-tron GT’s achievement stand out even more. This bone-stock vehicle arrived to the event with about 35 percent on its battery gauge, shod with its standard-issue road tyres, and no other modifications whatsoever. It was also burdened with a 2.3-tonne kerb weight, far more than just about any other participating ICE vehicle. 

So how did it do it? With a maximum of 646hp and an instantly available reserve of 830Nm in ‘boost mode’, the performance was certainly there. This along with sharp reaction times and the car’s incredibly quick-acting e-AWD system meant, even on the less-than-perfect surface of the runway, it was able to hook up and bolt off the line, creating a sizeable lead early on in all of its runs. At its fastest, it crossed the line at 201.86kph. 

Audi RS e-tron GT quarter-mile performance repeated at BIC

Shortly after the Mumbai event, the RS e-tron GT participated in another quarter-mile drag racing event at the Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida, the Northern Motorsport drag races. Here, piloted by Evo India magazine editor Sirish Chandran, the electric Audi was able to blitz a quarter mile down the start-finish straight in a very similar time of 11.173sec, and was the second-quickest car at the event, the quickest stock vehicle and, of course, the quickest EV.

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