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Maruti Suzuki Launches Customer Convenience Package to Cover Engine Damage, Details Here

There is some good news for Maruti Suzuki owners who are apprehensive about damage from the hydrostatic lock by water entering the engine or low-quality fuel. According to the latest press release by Maruti Suzuki, these factors, which are not under our control, will be tackled by the introduction of a new ‘Customer Convenience Package.’

This new Customer Convenience Package (CCP) service offers three different package options: CCP Hydro, CCP Fuel, and CCP Plus. When you choose the CCP Hydro package, you get coverage for engine repairs caused by water entering the engine, which can otherwise lock the engine and severely damage the internal components. The second CCP Fuel package covers engine or component repairs as a result of low-quality fuel entering the engine. CCP Plus, the third and most expensive bundle, includes the advantages of both CCP Hydro and CCP Fuel.

There are, however, two requirements for purchasing one of these Customer Convenience Packages. The car should be covered by either the active primary warranty period that comes standard with the vehicle or the active extended warranty period that is available as an optional extra. The new Customer Convenience Packages are available for Maruti Suzuki automobiles sold through both the ARENA and NEXA channels.

Partho Banerjee, Senior Executive Director for Service, Maruti Suzuki India Limited, commented on the launch of these new Customer Convenience Packages, saying that these new extra packages will enhance the car ownership experience of Maruti Suzuki cars even further. Given that a modern customer expects such assurances upfront, the Customer Convenience Package is ready to provide him with a stress-free experience if his car’s engine sustains unnecessary harm as a result of hydrostatic locking or poor fuel quality.

Any of these Customer Convenience Packages can be purchased at any Maruti Suzuki approved sales or service location, or online through Maruti Suzuki’s official website.

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