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First ride on C400 GT maxi-scooter

It’s a headline grabber—India’s most powerful scooter, India’s most comfortable scooter and, by a long shot, India’s most expensive scooter. In fact, if price is no object, then the C400 GT, an uber premium scooter from the BMW stable launched in India recently, may be everything you need to tackle those those odd urban commutes and even some light touring.

Visually, the C400 GT is everything that you would expect from a BMW ‘business class’ urban mobility scooter. The sharp panels in the front with the massive windscreen house quad LED headlights with angel eye DRLs seem to be inspired by the present generation of the 3 and 5 Series’. At 775 mm, the seat is quite low, comparable to what you’d find on a hard-tail cruiser. Sitting almost on the floorboard does have ergonomic advantages not just to centralise the weight but also to make the scooter feel a lot more manageable.

When it comes to dynamic prowess, the C 400 GT isn’t the precision tool you’d imagine a BMW scooter to be, a long 27-degree rake makes for almost lethargic steering responses. The relatively light front end does make it easier to navigate at low speeds but this does compromise the high-speed stability slightly. Not that the C400 GT was made for corner carving—by design the scooter is meant to be an easy-to-use tourer best used for brisk cruising.

Powering it all is a 350cc liquid- cooled single with an OHC paired with a crispy smooth CVT. The C400 GT will go from standstill to a 100 kmph in 9.7 seconds. Be it off the line at traffic lights or overtaking on the highway you’re never really going to feel the need for ‘more power’ from the C400 GT. Keep it pinned and the scooter will hit 140 kmph with ease. For the eye-watering price tag, there’s a whole lot of comfort and convenience that the BMW offers.

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