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Anand Mahindra praises innovation that converts bicycle into e-bike

Mahindra group chairperson Anand Mahindra has taken a keen interest in an innovative device created by Gursaurabh Singh. Singh’s Dhruv Vidyut Electric Conversion Kit (DVECK) has the potential to convert a basic bull-horn handlebar bicycle into a battery-powered motorised vehicle that can move at a maximum speed of 25 kilometres per hour.

The innovative technology caught the attention of Anand Mahindra who appreciated the innovative device in a tweet. He shared a video of the DVECK kit on Twitter. Though this is not the first device in the world to motorise a cycle, it is still an “outstanding design”, wrote Mahindra.“What I appreciate most is his empathy and passion for those hard-working people for whom the humble cycle is still the primary mode of transport,” Mahindra said in a series of tweets on February 12.

The DVECK system converts a bicycle into an electric two-wheeler, which will have a range of 40 kilometres and a payload capacity of 170 kg. According to the video shared by Mahindra, the bicycle is fireproof and waterproof. Made of aircraft-grade aluminium, the device is rust proof, light weight and can run even on extremely muddy roads. Mahindra praised this rugged quality of the device, saying that he “loved the working in mud, making it an off-roader.”Apart from the USB charging port, the bicycle can also reach 50 percent battery capacity by pedalling for 20 minutes.“It’s a good reminder for all automakers focusing on disruptive EVs that this EV revolution may be the most important one,” wrote Mahindra.Exuding confidence in the device, Mahindra said it would definitely succeed commercially or be “substantially profitable”. He expressed his interest in investing in the innovation, saying, “I still would feel proud to be an investor” and asked his followers to help him connect me with Gursaurabh Singh.Reacting to Mahindra’s tweet, Singh tweeted through the Dhruv Vidyut account, “My dream of getting this invention to the 8 crore people across India feels so within grasp all of a sudden.” Singh said he was looking forward to meeting Mahindra, the industrialist who always inspired and supported innovators like him.

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