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How smart intelligent systems are reshaping EV destination charging in India?

By Prashant Chandrasekaran, Co-founder and COO– ChargeEZ

Over the past few years, the world has grown accustomed to the use and need for electric vehicles to pave the way for a decarbonized society. The growing prices of petrol & diesel have further motivated people to make a swift shift towards EVs, pushing automakers to introduce affordable and reliable EV options in the market. Like most countries, India is also betting big on electric vehicles, with its EV market expected to record a CAGR of 90 per cent by 2030.

Though the public’s growing interest in EVs is encouraging, a lot needs to be done to place a strong foundation for the sustainability of EVs, starting with building a smart system for EV charging in the country. But before we proceed ahead, let’s understand the meaning of an intelligent EV charging system.

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What Is Smart EV Charging?

Smart EV charging is a system where electric vehicles, charging stations and charging operators share data links. Smart charging, as opposed to conventional charging devices that aren’t cloud-connected, allows the charging station owner to remotely monitor, regulate, and restrict the use of their devices to save energy consumption.

Functioning Of Smart EV Charging Stations

Backed by intelligent and sophisticated technology, the smart EV charging system provides charging station owners with real-time data from the linked charging events and devices.  The process of smart charging requires the identification of an electric vehicle driver at the charging station. After identifying and establishing a link between the charging station, the charging event, and the EV driver, the customer has to pay an appropriate fee to the charging station owner for using their services.

What are the benefits of intelligent EV charging?

With the transition to clean energy well underway, it’s critical to understand why it is preferred to establish an intelligent EV charging system. We have listed below its top five benefits for better understanding.

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  • Access to digital payments: The word ‘Smart’ in a smart EV charging system is not only limited to EVs. Such systems are designed to take digital payments, allowing users to avoid carrying cash and paying via UPI, wallets, or debit/credit cards.
  • Seamless charging experience: An intelligent system allows a single charger to serve multiple users anywhere in the network, giving them a seamless EV charging experience no matter where they are.
  • Real-time visibility of information: You can easily find real-time information about the charging power, charging price, and the availability of charging stations in your city.
  • Easily accessible: A smart charging solution would function reliably in any place, allowing it to be installed in malls, hospitals, colleges, bus stops, railway stations, offices, and even at EV owners’ homes. This makes the charging points easily accessible to the users.
  • Dependable: Smart EV charging system comes equipped with charging optimization functionality that effectively manages charging cycles aligned to power load requirements and maintains battery health, safeguarding the electricity grid of the property and vehicle’s battery from damages.

The bottom line

With a major increase in electrification on the horizon, the revolutionary cloud-based EV charging technology can help make the EV transition more inexpensive and sustainable. As a result, it will undoubtedly transform the way we use energy in the future.

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