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Hyundai recalls 2019 Nexo fuel-cell electric vehicle due to possible hydrogen leak

Hyundai has issued a recall for 54 units of the 2019 Nexo hydrogen-fuel-cell powered crossover because of possible Hydrogen leaks, which can cause fires. The recall is applicable for models produced between August 10, 2018, and December 17, 2018. As per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a receptacle has the possibility of detaching immediately after filling with Hydrogen.

The receptacle filter has used the part of the system that seals the refuel inlet. If the problem persists, the refuel inlet might not seal correctly, causing the leakage and probability of fire. As per Hyundai, the cause of the fault is that the supplier used a prototype epoxy-bonded filter instead of the original laser-welded specified by design.

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The problem was noticed after Hyundai Motor Company’s North American division received notification on March 16, 2022, that a 2019 Nexo caught fire in South Korea after recharging at a hydrogen station. The company looked into the situation and discovered that material from the fuel inlet had come loose, allowing hydrogen to escape.

To investigate, the owner noticed an unusual noise and opened the fuel filler door. Static energy from the person’s hand was believed to have discharged into the fuel cap, igniting the leaking hydrogen. This resulted in a fire.

According to Hyundai’s chronology of events, the fuelling station had a fire suppression system that put out the fire in seconds. This car lacked the required laser-welded fuel intake receptacle filter, according to the inquiry. The company believes that the Nexo fire in South Korea is the sole one caused by this issue.

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The Hyundai Nexo is exclusively available in the California state because of the availability of the Hydrogen refuelling infrastructure.

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