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Hyundai Seeks To Patent Iris Scanning Technology For Cars – Here’s All You Need to Know

Keyless entry is a very attractive feature in modern-day cars. What is generally seen are key fobs, a remote control with an RFID chip, that allows you to start the car without punching a key into the keyhole.

South Korean automaker Hyundai seems to have outgrown the key fobs as the company eyes at patenting iris scanning technology, which once approved, will be introduced to the vehicles on the company’s production chain, reported The Drive. The iris scanner will allow the owner to enter and start the car with just a gaze.

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The scanning system will image the driver’s eyes through an infrared camera. Infrared technology is being used to curb the inefficiency of the scan. This will be useful in case there is an object hindering the scan, including sunglasses or spectacles. As per the report, the iris scanner will scan the driver’s eyes, and only then can the car be started.

The steering wheel and seat adjustments will also be linked with the scanner to personalise the car further. The iris scanner also acts as a very lucrative safety feature.

In the category of biometric identification, iris scanning is among the most secure. The car owner will get revamped security, since iris scanning is extremely hard to trump.

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Explaining the tech in its application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Hyundai wrote, “A camera configured t acquire the eyeball image data; and a control module configured to estimate the iris-based on pupil information extracted from the eyeball image data.”

Once the technology is patented and approved, the feature can soon reflect in the cars manufactured by Hyundai and Kia, though, it is expected that only top-end vehicles will get the tech first.

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Iris scanning is yet to be featured in cars, but as far as biometric identification is concerned, fingerprints are already available in some cars. For instance, the Genesis GV70 allows the driver to start the car, only after scanning their fingerprint.

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