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THIS Maruti Suzuki Dzire customised with GOLD wrap looks extravagant

Maruti Suzuki Dzire boasts one of the highest sales numbers of all the cars in the Indian market. The car has been around for a while and continues to be sold in the market. Being on the market for a long time, the car has seen numerous modifications. But beating all of those, we have a modified Maruti Suzuki Dzire that instantly grabs attention.

The car has been modified by Bromotive to be a golden head turner. It features a bright Gold colour throughout the body. The modifiers even shared the video of the whole process showing what went into making this simple car an attention-grabbing machine. As per the video, they started the process by removing the dent, scratches, and pinholes along with the batches and door handles.

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Moving forward bonnet had a bit of golden wrap on it, but it was still uneven. Then a matte black wrap was applied, concealing the uneven bodywork. Because the golden wrap reflects more light than a matte black wrap, the undulations were no longer evident. When it came to wrapping the doors, the shop ran into the same problem.

The shop opted to apply primer on the entire vehicle. After which, the car was completely repainted in a bright white colour. The golden wrap was then applied. After the wrap was completed, a coat of wax was applied to give it a lustrous finish. This Dzire also appears to be equipped with aftermarket wheels, as evident in the pictures.

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Wrapping a car is a lot more cost-effective way to give your vehicle a fresh look. It prevents scratches and swirl marks on the automobile. It also ensures that the original paint is not harmed. Furthermore, the shops offer a wide range of colours, so you are not limited to the colours offered by the manufacturer.

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