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Yamaha E01 electric scooter unveiled, gets fully charged in 1 hour

Yamaha Motor has unveiled the “E01” electric scooter. The Japanese corporation also stated that its presentation would begin in five Asian nations and Europe. Yamaha’s “E-01” is an electric bike that blends motorcycle and electric vehicle technology.

“The main feature is that it is an EV vehicle equivalent to a 125CC bike developed by Yamaha. The motorbike has the ability to run at a maximum speed of 100 km per hour. It has an ability to cover 100 km at 60 km per hour,” said Takuya Maruo, Yamaha Motor.

The electric scooter is good for commuting for short to medium distance. The electric drive makes it easy to move the motorcycle backward. Journalists took a test drive and gets impressed by the performance.

“It is convenient to go to school and for shopping. I think it suits the use and scope of the scooter rider. Even when the speed is low, it was easy and stable, and I enjoyed riding it very much,” said Tadashi Kohno, a Motorbike journalist.

Its key point is the battery and charging facility. It gets fully charged in an hour. The battery`s performance is based on temperature and circumstance. Thus, demonstration experiments are held in the temperate zone in Japan and Europe, in subtropics Taiwan and in the tropics of Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

“Looking at the difference in temperature between regions and the way customers use EVs, we will get various data and analyze them in this demonstration experiment to gain knowledge of further development. As for Yamaha`s corporate mission, I would like to aim for the spread of EVs that do not emit exhaust gas while being strongly aware of the recent carbon-neutral environment. I would like to develop a new model concerned with the environment and the customer`s enjoyment and passion. Through this demonstration experiment, we want to catch the points which make riders happy and utilise them to develop the next model,” said Takuya Maruo from Yamaha Motor.

The targeted countries will have a sharing service or B to B rental services. After the demonstration experiment, Yamaha Motor will obtain driving data of different countries. It will be considered for the manufacturing and development of electric scooters and vehicles in future.

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