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Apple Car Launch Date, Features, Design and Price: Everything You Need to Know

Apple Car

With more and more automakers working to electrify their fleet and phase out internal combustion engines (ICE), even smartphone manufacturer Apple has jumped on the bandwagon. Reports had earlier suggested that tech giant Apple is developing a fully electric car that has been named Project Titan. It was reported that Apple could reveal its most hyped product by 2023 but the details on the Apple Car remained to be scarce. However now, there are more details on the Apple Car by Patently Apple, a blog that closely covers Apple’s Intellectual Property (IP).

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Apple Car Release Date

Apple has not yet disclosed the release date of its Apple Car. Reports suggest that it could enter the market in 2025.

Apple Car Price

Although there is no official word on the price of the Apple Car, it is expected to be priced on the higher side considering the premium features it will offer. The tentatively priced range of the Apple Car is still awaited.

Apple Car Pre-Order

With little information on its launch date, reports indicate that Apple could begin the pre-order of the Apple Car even a year ahead of its release.

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How the Apple Car Might Work

The Apple Car is expected to be a fully-electric car that will be self-driving. Talking of the features, the Apple Car could function as your iPhone. It has been learned that Apple has revived its old original patent and will introduce a new technology enabling the Apple Car to work as a function.

The patent named “Guidance of Autonomous Vehicles in Destination Vicinities Using Intent Signals” reveals that the Apple Car could be parked using the iPhone touch screen and voice control functions. Once the technology is introduced, the self-driving car would be able to park itself at a specific location on parking space after you reach your destination. It is believed that Apple’s voice assistant Siri could also play a role in enhancing the capabilities of the car.

Drivers may be able to mark a spot on the map on their iPhone screens so that the car takes them to the exact location. One could also use gesture control or voice control to guide the car to a specific location.

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Making it completely self-driving, some patents suggest that Apple could even hide the steering wheel in the car which would only pop out in case of emergency. Moreover, Apple is also planning to equip the car with a sunroof where drivers will be able to control the opacity of the glass and light entering through it.

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