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Electric Scooter Maker Askoll Revamps Entire Model Range


A nifty new city commuter called the es2 City has been introduced, too.

Askoll, an Italian startup dedicated to offering affordable and practical electric mobility solutions, has introduced updates to its entire model range for 2022. The updates make Askoll’s attractive and affordable electric two-wheelers more modern, practical, and generally, a more sensible alternative to standard gasoline-powered scooters, which are gradually being replaced b greener, quieter alternatives. 

For the 2022 model year, Askoll has updated the technology across the board. For starters, a new single battery version of the eS2 EVOlution 1.4 and NGS2 1.4 models has been released. The new battery is a 1.4 kWh lithium-ion unit, and is designed to make the scooters more affordable, translating to an 800-Euro price cut. However, given its smaller capacity, the scooters now have shorter range, meaning they’re meant for use strictly within the confines of the urban setting. 

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Electric Scooter Maker Askoll Revamps Entire Model Range

Apart from the new single-battery variants, Askoll has also revamped its entire model range with new LED headlights which ensue maximum visibility at night. A reverse gear has also been added to the mix, to make life a bit easier especially when parking and maneuvering in tight spaces. The reverse gear can easily be accessed by a flip of a switch on the right side of the handlebar. Just don’t forget to set it back to D before you set off, otherwise, you’ll be in for an embarrassing tumble. 

Meanwhile, the Askoll eS2 EVOlution model gets a new side stand, as well as a redesigned transmission. Askoll has done away with the belt drive system, and instead, makes use of a POLY-V unit. The brand claims that this improves performance, longevity, and eliminates the whining noise produced by the previous version. Across the board, a new five-inch multi-colored instrument panel has been added, providing better visibility on all pertinent riding information. Larger section tires measuring 90/80 up front and 110/10 on the rear now wrap the 16-inch wheels of the model range ensuring a larger contact patch.

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 Last but not least, Askoll has added a strictly city-focused model to its lineup. The eS2 City, the brand’s newest entry-level e-scooter, is equipped with a single 1.4 kWh battery, and retails for an affordable price of 3,040 Euros, or the equivalent of $3,283 USD. It’s good for a total distance of 49 kilometers (30 miles) on a single charge, just right for quick errands in the city, or the quick trip to the store. 

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