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Ford subtly takes a dig at Tesla’s Elon Musk, says ‘will fly away when things get hard’

In a minute-long ad campaign, Ford has taken subtle jabs at the Tesla and SpaceX along with its founder Elon Musk, mocking him for being loud. 

Ford Motor Company, the American auto major and also one of the biggest carmaker globally, volume wise, has mocked Elon Musk and Tesla, world’s most valuable auto brand in its recently released advertisement on YouTube channel. The ad takes a subtle dig at the founder of Tesla and SpaceX and was aired at the annual American horse race – The Kentucky Derby. 

In the minute long VO based video, Ford mocks Tesla and SpaceX Chief Elon Musk saying, “right now it could seem like the only people who matter are the loudest—the ones who want to tear things down, and they fly away on their own personal spaceships when things get hard.” The video then shows a scene of a rocket ship launching, apparently targeting SpaceX. 

The ad then says that Ford Motor Company has a workforce of 182,000 people, building “big things, new things” and “things that will change the way we do things.” The American carmaker, that started with Ford Model T, the first mass produced car in the world is aiming to launch multiple electric vehicles, chasing down the Musk-led Tesla Inc.

Currently, Tesla is the largest electric vehicle manufacturer in the world with cars like the Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model Y, Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X. Other companies like Ford are finding it hard to launch a mass-segment electric vehicle. 

A spokesperson from Ford elaborated on the ad by saying, “The goal of the ad campaign is to celebrate all workers, beginning with Ford, which employs more hourly workers in the United States and assembles more vehicles in America than any other automaker,” He further added that the approach “is about using spaces that typically idolize tech gurus, CEOs, and celebrities to elevate our everyday builders and makers.”

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