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Top 10 Best Selling Scooters In May: Ola Only Electric Vehicle In List, Honda Activa At Number 1 | Full List Inside

Top 10 Best Selling Scooters In May: Honda has sold the maximum number of scooters in May. Honda’s Activa tops the 10 best-selling scooters. Activa sold 1,49,407 units in May. On the other hand, TVS Jupiter and Suzuki Access remained at number two and three, respectively. In May, only one electric scooter, Ola’s S1 Pro, was ranked 9th among the best-selling scooters. So, let’s know one by one which scooters sold how many units in the month of May.

Honda Activa

Honda Activa is the best-selling scooter in May. Activa sold 1,49,407 units in May. Activa’s sales have decreased in the month of May as compared to April, but still, it is the best-selling scooter. In April, 1,63,357 units of Activa were sold. 


TVS sold 59,613 units of Jupiter scooters in May. Jupiter is number two among the best-selling scooters. However, there has been a slight decline in sales as compared to April.

Suzuki Access

Suzuki Access stood at number three in terms of sales. Suzuki sold 35,709 units of Access in May. Access sales grew 8.4% in May as compared to April. In April, Suzuki sold 32,932 units of the Access.

TVS Ntorq

TVS Ntorq sold 26,005 units in May. This is the fourth best-selling scooter in May. There has been an increase in the sales of TVS Ntorq in May as compared to April. In April, TVS sold 25,267 units of TVS Ntorq.

Honda Dio

Another model of Honda, Dio, is also included in the top 10. Honda sold 20,487 units of Dio in May. Sales of Dio were higher in May as compared to April. In May, Dio stood at number 5 in the sales of scooters.

Hero Pleasure

Hero Pleasure is at number 6 in the sales of scooters in May. Hero has sold 18,531 units of Pleasure in May while it could sell only 12,303 units in April. The sales of this model have increased.

Suzuki Burgman Street

The sales of Suzuki Burgman Street have increased by 43% in May as compared to April. Suzuki sold only 9,088 units in April. At the same time, sales have increased to 12,990 units in May. In terms of sales of scooters, Burgman Street is at number 7th.

Hero Destini

Hero sold 10,892 units of Destini in May. Hero Destini ranked 8th in the sales of scooters in May. Hero Destini sold more in May than in April. Hero sold only 8,981 units of Destini in April.

Ola S1 Pro

There is only one electric scooter in the top 10 of scooter sales in May. Ola’s S1 Pro is at number 9 in terms of sales. Ola sold 9,247 units of S1 Pro in May. It is the best-selling electric scooter in India.

Suzuki Avenis

Suzuki sold 8,922 units of Avenis in May. Its sales saw a decline in May. Suzuki sold 11,078 units of Avenis in April.

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