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Ola Electric develops the first India-specific lithium-ion cell

– Has been developed considering indigenous conditions

– Could help lower the overall production cost

–  Likely to make the battery pack more durable in the Indian conditions

Ola Electric has developed the first India-specific lithium-ion cell. This could possibly lead to a number of benefits for the EV market. The unit is still in its early stages and will be mass produced in 2023 at Ola Tamil Nadu-based Gigafactory. 

The newly developed lithium-ion cell is dubbed NMC 2170. The initials NMC stand for nickel manganese cobalt oxide while 2170 could mean there are 21700 cell types, we believe. The NMC oxide is used on the cathode end while the anode side holds graphite and silicon.

Since the cell has been developed considering indigenous conditions, it could be a boon for the future of electric vehicles in India. Considering the diverse weather conditions and varying temperatures, the newly developed cell could possess better conditioning than the ones currently used. Not to mention, an in-house developed cell will also reduce the overall production cost too. Thereby helping mitigate the vehicle cost. 

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