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Simple One Electric Scooter Review In 8 Images

Electric Scooter

Is it the ‘one’ to better the Ola S1 Pro and Ather 450X? We find out in detailed images

Simple Energy launched the One electric scooter almost a year ago in August 2021. It has been a long while since then, and we have been itching to test out its capabilities. Well, we have finally ridden the updated version and here’s what we think–via images.

In terms of design, the Simple One has changed a bit from what was showcased originally. It gets sharper body panels making the scooter look properly sporty and appealing. That said, the fit and finish level of the e-scooter wasn’t exactly desirable. However, Simple says that the final product will have better quality.

When it comes to performance, the e-scooter is anything but disappointing. The 4.5kW PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor) puts out 8.5kW and 72Nm now. With that, the 0-40kmph sprint has become quicker and clocks at just 2.77 seconds, making it faster than any other electric scooter that we have ridden. This is the courtesy of the belt drive system, which replaced the original chain drive system on the e-scooter.

The e-scooter gets four riding modes: Sonic, Dash, Ride and Eco, with varying levels of performance on all the modes. That said, we do wish that the ‘Sonic mode’ was a bit more exciting considering that it is the max power mode on the EV. Simple claims that the controlled performance was intentional so as to not scare riders.

Simple claims that the One can achieve 200km of range (claimed real world), sadly we did not have enough time to test that out. What we did learn though, is that even after riding in the Sonic mode for quite a while, the e-scooter did not overheat and go into thermal shutdown.

When it comes to braking, the Simple One gets discs at both ends with a combined braking system which does not disappoint. At the lever, it offers enough feedback and offers good braking progression as well. Overall, the braking on the e-scooter is confidence boosting and makes it come to a halt without much drama.

With all of this performance, the Simple One also ticks off the boxes in terms of ride and handling. The e-scooter is light, with 115kg of kerb weight, making it more agile and easy to steer, even more than the Ather 450X. The EV manufacturer has put a lot of thought into the riding dynamics, and it shows as you never feel not in control of the e-scooter.

Simple has been working hard to deliver on the promises that were made, and now that we have ridden the e-scooter, we believe that they will not disappoint on the same. With a stunning design, capable performance and promising features all priced at Rs 1.10 lakh (ex-showroom including Fame II), the Simple One makes for an incredible package. The only grouse is that the fit and finish quality of the e-scooter is something that needs to be worked on.

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