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Battle Of Electrics – May The Best Scooter Win

Ola S1 Pro

Which one is quicker, the Ather 450X Gen 2 or the Ola S1 Pro?

Ather has established itself as one of India’s most proven premium electric scooter manufacturers with the 450X. Its e-scooter is not only quick but also built to last, thanks to the use of premium components and materials.

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And while the Ola S1 Pro is a pretty good option, it did have some teething trouble in its earlier days. Will it redeem itself with the most recent MoveOS 2.0 update? We head out to answer these questions by putting the two most desirable e-scooters in India against each other. 

AccelerationAther 450X Gen 2Ola S1 Pro Move OS 2
0-60kmph6.94 seconds5.75 seconds
0-80kmph13.74 seconds9.20 seconds

You’d expect the Ather 450X to dart off the line in its blistering fast Warp mode, but that isn’t the case. The updated S1 Pro is actually a whole second quicker to 60kmph. It even extends its lead by a whopping 4.54 seconds to 80kmph. Oh, and it’s the only e-scooter in our tests to touch 100kmph, doing so in 15.66 seconds!

The S1 Pro can pull this off thanks to a larger, more powerful 8.5kW motor – 2.3kW more than the Ather 450X. While the Ola S1 Pro is quick, we’d still say the riding experience on the Ather 450X is more rewarding.

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Roll-on AccelerationAther 450X Gen 2Ola S1 Pro Move OS 2
20-50kmph3.48 seconds2.78 seconds

The Ather 450X and Ola S1 Pro feel lively even in slow-moving traffic, unlike those lazy Chinese e-scooters. You don’t have to think twice before quick overtakes. Just toggle into Warp or Hyper mode for either of the two, and you’re good to go. 

Twist the throttle, and the 450X will sprint from 20-50kmph in 3.38 seconds, the S1 Pro in 2.78 seconds. The initial burst from the larger 8.5kW motor on the S1 Pro makes it a tad quicker than the 450X. 

BrakingAther 450X Gen 2Ola S1 Pro Move OS 2

Surprisingly, the S1 Pro is quicker to drop the anchor from 60kmph despite its 13.4kg weight disadvantage. That said, the braking setup on both scooters does have their drawbacks. 

You see, the Combined Braking System (CBS) calibration on the Ather isn’t on point. The rear is alarmingly sharp and tends to lock up instantly. This can get quite unnerving at times. The Ola doesn’t feel a whole lot better in terms of brake feedback, but it definitely stops shorter than the Ather.

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Fuel Economy/RangeAther 450X Gen 2Ola S1 Pro Move OS 2
Distance on full charge91.4km (Eco)136km (Eco)

The larger 3.97kWh battery saves the day for the Ola S1 Pro again in our range test. It eclipses the 450X with an extra 44km of range on offer in Eco. Though the S1 Pro seems to beat the 450X in almost all parameters, it still has some rough edges and a lot of promised features to still deliver on.

We still believe the 450X is a far more mature product, and it will only improve with the new Gen 3 update, which offers a larger battery, bringing its true range to 105km and an ARAI-certified range of 145km. 

Will the updates give Ather a fighting chance to fend off growing competition, or will a certain new competitor dethrone the Ola S1 Pro to become the new champion in the electric race? Stay tuned to ZigWheels to find out.

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