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Toyota To Launch India’s First Flex Fuel Car: All You Need To Know

Toyota is going to launch India’s first flex-fuel car this week. India’s Transport Minister Nitin Gadakari announces that he will inaugurate a new trial project which will involve Toyota’s car that will run on the concept of flex-fuel in order to generate more awareness about clean fuel.

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The initiative will help India aim to compete with the top global automobile leaders over the next 25 years, said Kenichi Ayukawa, President of the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM).

Just like Toyota, many other automobile manufacturers are also working to bring flex-fuel vehicles to the Indian market. However, Indian automobile enthusiasts will have to wait for some time to experience some more options.

What is Flex-fuel technology?

Flex-fuel vehicles are those that are not only restricted to a particular fuel and can efficiently run on a blend of petrol and ethanol up to 83%. This technology was not available in India but can be seen around the world, specifically in the USA, Brazil, and Canada.

According to the official report by a US website, around 21 million Flexi Fuel Vehicles were present on the road in 2018. The reason is that these engines are more efficient and show improved performance when they are running on higher ethanol blends.

What makes Flex Fuel cars different from petrol cars?

According to the US Department of Energy, almost all the parts of the vehicles are similar to the IC engine. The only difference is mainly an internal combustion engine and can operate on petrol or its blend with ethanol up to 83%.

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What makes these FFVs different from petrol-only vehicles is they have ethanol-compatible spare parts fitted to them. There are specific modifications to the fuel pump, engine, and fuel injectors. To assist with the higher oxygen consumption, FFVs are also calibrated with the Engine Control Module. It mainly takes care of the fuel mixture, ignition timing, and emission system.

It also helps in troubleshooting the problems in the vehicle and ensures the safety of the engine from overuse.

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