Nissan plans five new models for India 🇮🇳

Nissan plans five new models for India 🇮🇳

Nissan’s future model lineup could include two SUVs, one MPV, and one entry-level EV.

While Renault has been in the spotlight with the recently unveiled all-new Duster, Nissan is also preparing to launch a slew of new models for India and other emerging markets. Nissan recently announced that it is preparing up to four new models for our market, as well as a facelift for the Magnite SUV.

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The Magnite facelift is expected to be available in 2024. This new SUV has been Nissan’s sole model in India for some time and is exported to a number of international markets. Nissan plans to introduce a left-hand drive Magnite with the facelift, opening up new export markets for the SUV.

In 2025, a brand-new Creta rival based on the Duster will be released.

The all-new Nissan midsize SUV, based on the recently revealed Duster, will be the brand’s most important market introduction in India. This new SUV will share many similarities with the Duster, including its platform, some interior components, and even body panels. This new CMF-B platform-based SUV will be built alongside the next-generation Duster in Chennai and is expected to be exported to a number of overseas markets. This new SUV is expected to be released in 2025.

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New seven-seat SUV to compete with the Alcazar and Safari

While the Duster-based SUV will be a five-seat competitor to the Creta, another Nissan SUV will be based on the three-row, yet-to-be-revealed Bigster SUV. The Nissan version of the Bigster will arrive after the launch of the Creta competitor.

New Triber-based three-row MPV

Nissan will also debut a brand-new three-row compact MPV to compete with the Triber. The yet-unnamed Nissan MPV, which will be built alongside its Renault sibling in Chennai, will be positioned slightly lower than the Magnite and will provide Nissan dealers with another product for mass market customers. With its sub-four-metre footprint and clever three-row interior, the Triber has carved out its own niche for customers looking for a less expensive alternative to the Ertiga and Carens. With its own three-row MPV, Nissan hopes to attract customers with similar needs.

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A brand-new entry-level EV is in the works

Nissan is also working with Renault to create a global entry-level hatchback based on the CMF-AEV platform. According to sources, India will receive the all-new CMF-AEV hatchback, and both Renault and
Nissan will have their own “derivatives”.

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The X-Trail may also be heading to India

While these models are still a ways off, Nissan is testing the latest-generation X-Trail SUV in India, which
could be available here as a CBU. However, sources tell us that its market entry is still uncertain.

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