Top seven seater cars available in India in 2024

Top seven seater cars available in India in 2024

India is well-known for its large Indian families. This is why automakers go to great lengths to offer
vehicles suitable for the entire family. With the SUV and MUV craze gripping the Indian market, seven-
seater vehicles have become the talk of the town, owing to a package that provides maximum
practicality, utility, and comfort for the entire family. Even if you don;t need seating for up to seven
passengers, seven-seaters provide the benefit of having more space on your side, which improves the
overall experience of owning an SUV/MUV. However, with a multitude of options to choose from,
bringing home a seven-seater that suits your needs is a mammoth task.

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Renault Triber-The Renault Triber makes it possible to accommodate the entire family in a vehicle that
does not break the bank. The Triber, hailed as India;s most affordable MUV, has an outstanding value-
for-money ratio. The Triber comfortably seats seven and includes an eight-inch touch infotainment
system, steering-mounted controls, second-row AC vents, a cooled glove box, a digital MID, and much
more. The Triber is powered by a single petrol engine and comes with both manual and automatic
transmission options. Overall, the Triber is one of the most practical vehicles at its price point, making it
an excellent choice for a first car, with automatic trims returning up to 18.2 kmpl. The Triber also has a
four-star GNCAP safety rating!

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Maruti Suzuki Ertiga-The Maruti Suzuki Ertiga, an MUV that has been on the market for more than a
decade, is the first choice of millions of people looking for a car that is spacious, efficient, and practical.
With a cabin filled with plenty of comfort and convenience features. As a capable seven-seater, the
Ertiga stands out for its affordable and value-for-money package, which includes Maruti;s extensive
sales and service network. The Ertiga is powered by a single mild-hybrid petrol engine with both manual
and automatic transmission. Its best feature is its excellent mileage, which can reach 20.3 km/l for petrol
and 26.11 km/kg for CNG, making it one of the most efficient seven-seater cars in India. Even in terms of
sales, the Ertiga is a clear winner, with over 9.5 lakh units sold.

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Mahindra Bolero-For those looking for a spacious, practical, tough, and rugged SUV, the Mahindra
Bolero is the answer. With its rugged bodyline and ladder-on-frame chassis, the Bolero is one of the
most capable SUVs available. The Bolero performs admirably regardless of road conditions, even on
difficult terrain. The Bolero, a highly popular product across the country, stands out for its spacious
interiors, easy-to-maintain package, impeccable reliability, and high resale value. The Mahindra Bolero,
powered by a single turbocharged diesel engine, is ready for any challenge. Despite having the bare
minimum of onboard features, the Bolero still wins due to its ultimate utility and impressive mileage of
up to 16.7 km/l.

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Kia Carens-The Kia Carens, Kia;s first MUV offering for the Indian market, provides unparalleled comfort
in a package brimming with premium features. With the longest in-segment wheelbase, the Carens;
greatest asset is its in-cabin space, which makes passengers in every row feel at ease. The Carens,
powered by two petrol and one diesel engine, offers a wide range of engine-transmission combinations
to choose from at a price that is highly competitive and affordable, especially given the Caren;s value

quotient. The Kia Carens is truly city-bred, with a fuel economy of up to 21 km/l for diesel and 17.9 km/l
for petrol.

Mahindra Scorpio N-The Mahindra Scorpio N is a graceful evolution of the classic Scorpio pedigree, and
it is, without a doubt, the biggest SUV. The Scorpio N, with its tough body, rugged exteriors, and a sturdy
ladder-on-frame chassis, combines the go-anywhere SUV approach with modern finesse. The ScorpioN
is luxurious on the inside and tough on the outside, with a plethora of premium features included. The
Scorpio N is powered by both petrol and diesel engines and has a 4×4 trim suitable for any terrain. With
multiple drive modes, up to 18.57 km/l of efficiency, and all-around safety on board, the Scorpio N
asserts itself as an all-rounder SUV that has evolved into a modern-day work of art that can seat up to
seven people in total comfort.

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