Are hybrid vehicles better than electric vehicles ๐Ÿš—

Are hybrid vehicles better than electric vehicles ๐Ÿš—

A hybrid vehicle combines the benefits of an ICE and an EV with the push of a button. For potential buyers who find EVs expensive and gas prices prohibitive, hybrids are cost-effective alternatives that provide better fuel efficiency than ICE vehicles.

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In Q3 2023, Toyota continued to dominate hybrid passenger vehicle sales (74%), followed by Maruti (25%), and Honda (1%). Their highest sales were in Q1 2023, totaling 22,389 units. According to AutoPunditz, sales fell to 14,399 units in the second quarter before rebounding to 22,022 units in the third.

Hybrid vehicles demonstrate the type of vehicle that combines a gasoline engine and an electric motor. It differs from standard gasoline vehicles, which rely solely on diesel/petrol, in that hybrids combine gasoline with an electric powertrain.

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In some cases, a gas engine does all of the work of recapturing energy, while others use electric motors, and sometimes both work together.

Electricity is generated by a high-voltage battery (other than the car’s conventional battery), which is recharged by generating energy from the deceleration produced in heat by the brakes in conventional cars. The regenerative braking system generates heat after you apply the brakes.

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How you can maintain a hybrid car

Hybrid cars require more maintenance than traditional vehicles. The first thing you should consider is your car’s battery, which is expensive to replace. If you believe your battery is in poor condition, you should replace it as soon as possible. If the battery is in good condition, take proper care of it. The fan filter is critical when working on a high-voltage battery because it ensures that heat is properly dissipated and prevents battery cells from dying. They are cost-effective in their operations. Hybrid cars do not have alternators, so routine maintenance is less expensive.

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Pros and cons of Hybrid cars

  1. Hybrid vehicles use both internal combustion engines and electric motors. This reduces emissions and is more environmentally friendly.
  2. Hybrid cars are powered by both smaller engines and an electric motor. Such vehicles’ engines are small, resulting in higher fuel efficiency.
  3. When you apply the brakes in a hybrid vehicle, the electric motor produces electricity and recharges the battery via a regenerative brake system. You do not need to worry about charging your electric battery.


  1. The primary goal of hybrid cars is to improve fuel efficiency, but their power and acceleration lag far behind that of conventional engine vehicles.
  2. Despite companies’ efforts to reduce the cost of hybrid vehicles and make them comparable to conventional vehicles, they remain more expensive.
  3. Hybrid cars require more maintenance because they have two engine parts. Furthermore, not every mechanical engineer understands how to repair it.

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Indian automakers take on hybrid vehicles

For automakers, hybrids provide a smooth transition from internal combustion engines to electric vehicles. C.V Raman, Maruti Suzuki’s CTO, stated in 2022 that the company will focus on hybrid vehicles over the next five years. Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) launched the ‘Hum hai Hybrid’ campaign in 2022 to promote its hybrid vehicles. Honda is also introducing several hybrid models.

Top Hybrid cars in The market

  1. Toyota Innova Hycross INR 18L- 31L
  2. Toyota Hyryder INR 10L- 20L
  3. Maruti Suzuki Vitara INR 10L- 20L
  4. Maruti Suzuki Invicto INR 24L -29 L
  5. Toyota Vellfire INR 1.2cr – 1.3cr
  6. Honda City Hybrid, INR 18L – 21 L

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