Popular 5 seater cars in India 2023

Popular 5 seater cars in India 2023

Even though India is moving toward the nuclear family, the public is avidly embracing the increasing
number of 7-seater automobile launches. This is because one of the few things that reunites families in
India is travel. While this is a contributing element to the increase in 7-seater vehicle sales in India,
another is that these vehicles now resemble contemporary automobiles more than classic MPVs in
terms of design and operation. We’ve included the top 10 7-seater automobiles available in India in this

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga

In terms of sales, the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga is the top seven-seater vehicle in India. It has the room to
accommodate seven adults, solid foundations, and the Maruti brand’s reputation for reliability. This
three row MPV has a mild hybrid petrol engine, making it one of India’s most efficient vehicles despite
not having a diesel engine. When the engine is idling, the technician automatically shuts it off, only to
start it again when the clutch pedal is depressed. Additionally, it helps with acceleration, allowing the
Ertiga to gain speed even with seven people inside. Last but not least, the Ertiga is the only 7-seater
vehicle available in India that is CNG-powered.

Toyota Innova Crysta

The Innova Crysta, a name synonymous with 7-seat vehicles in India, is still in production even now, and
it’s simple to understand why. It is propelled by a tough 2.4-liter diesel engine mated to a 5-speed
manual transmission, a setup renowned for its superb driveability and fuel economy. Rear-wheel drive
and a ladder-frame chassis, which are exclusively found in the Crysta MPV in India, make navigating
rough roads simpler. The Crysta is one of the few three-row vehicles in India that can easily seat 7 or 8
people with 300 liters of luggage room to spare, and it comes equipped with Toyota’s renown

Mahindra Bolero

Thanks to its ladder-frame structure, commercial vehicle-grade suspension, and rear-wheel drive, the
Mahindra Bolero is one of the toughest 7-seater vehicles in India today. Potholes, terrible patches,
damaged roads, and even the absence of roads won’t stop the tough SUV from moving on. Thanks to
reasonably priced replacement components, Mahindra’s extensive service network, and the MUV’s
relatively straightforward mechanicals, the Bolero is also incredibly simple to maintain. It is therefore
hardly surprising that the Bolero is by far the most common dance at rural marketplaces.

Mahindra XUV700

Master of many, jack of all crafts! The XUV700 is among the top vehicles in India because to its advanced
technology, strong engines, and reliable safety features. Mahindra’s top-of-the-line three-row SUV has
both diesel and petrol engines and has a sub-10-second 0-100 kmph pace. Even more striking are the
XUV700’s driving characteristics, which, owing to the available all-wheel drive, place it more closely in line with a car than an SUV. The XUV700 is still one of the few vehicles in India with a 5-star Global NCAP
rating, despite the fact that it is no longer the only vehicle in its category to feature ADAS.

Toyota Innova Hycross

The third version of the Innova, which is synonymous with 7-seater vehicles in India, features a
monocoque chassis, front-wheel drive, and a petrol-hybrid powertrain, making it the MPV that most
closely resembles a typical car in terms of handling. In addition to being longer than the Crysta, the MPV
offers more comfortable seating for up to 8 persons. Additionally, Toyota equipped the Hycross with
multi-zone temperature control, optional 2nd-row captain chairs with ottomans, and ADAS. The Hycross
petrol-hybrid, India’s most fuel-efficient 7-seater vehicle, keeps you happy despite the glaring lack of a
diesel engine with a mileage of 23.24 kilometers per liter.

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