Driving License Types in India

Driving License Types in India

In order to operate a car in India, you must have a driver's license, which is both a necessary and
valuable item. No matter how experienced or inexperienced a driver they are, none of them may
operate a car on the road without a valid driver’s license.

We will explain the many sorts of driving licenses in India as well as their purposes in this post.

Learners licence

This license is given to someone who wants to apply for a permanent driver’s license, as was previously described. A learner’s or provisional driving license is issued upon the completion of the application at an RTO (Regional Transport Office) unique to the applicant’s area. The validity of this license is six months from the date of issuance. This document’s primary function is to ensure that the applicant applies for a permanent driving license, reviews his or her driving abilities, and educates themselves on traffic signs, symbols, and jargon. After 30 days, if (s)he is properly instructed, they can apply for a permanent driving license.

Permanent driving licence

The person who successfully completes the written and driving tests administered by the RTO is given this license. This type of license attests to the holder’s proficiency in operating a light motor vehicle on public roads and their thorough knowledge of traffic signs and symbols. This license is good for 20 years after the date of issuance or until the license holder turns 50 years old, whichever comes first. After this time, they will need to renew their license, which essentially involves taking the driving test again. One thing to keep in mind is that this license is also acceptable for those who operate light motor vehicles to transport people. Unlike before, when getting the same thing needed a separate business driving license.

Commercial driving license

Driving Heavy, Medium, or Light Goods Transport Motor Vehicles for Commercial Use, such as the Transportation of Passengers or Goods, requires a specific driving license. In contrast to the first two licenses, this one has various requirements for qualifying. A person must have completed the eighth grade, be at least 18 years old (or 22 in some jurisdictions), and have received their training from a government motor school or a school affiliated with a state government. Driving a big truck demands a lot of knowledge and training because the driver is solely responsible for the products and passengers’ safety. This license has a 3-year validity period after which it must be renewed since it is given to drivers depending on their competence. They will apply specifically for a Commercial Driving License here, although the application procedure is the same as for the Permanent Driving License. You can apply for this form of license if you currently have a permanent driver’s license.

International driving permit-

Those who aspire to drive in other nations are awarded this permission. This document attests that the person has a valid driver’s license and is qualified to drive in foreign countries. For the benefit of the authorities, this permission is available in a variety of languages. One has to submit an application to the nearby RTO and hold a valid permanent driving license in order to obtain this license. This permission is only good for a year, after which a fresh application is necessary; it cannot be renewed.

Why is driving license important

A driver’s license is a document that allows one to drive on public roads; possession of this document attests to the holder’s knowledge of traffic regulations, road signs, and driving prowess. It is required by law, as per the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988, to possess a current driver’s license. Driving when disqualified from possessing a license carries severe fines and, in certain situations, prison time. The fact that the driving license also serves as identification makes it more likely that you will recover it if you misplace it. However, since there is a chance that it will be misused, we highly advise that you submit a FIR right away if you lose it.

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