Top 5 Interior Highlights of the Hyundai Ioniq 5

Top 5 Interior Highlights of the Hyundai Ioniq 5

Hyundai’s most expensive vehicle, the Ioniq 5, was named Green Car of the Year at the ICOTY 2024
(Indian Car of the Year). Yes, we’re talking about the Hyundai Ioniq 5 EV, and here are the top five
interior highlights.

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3.0-metre wheelbase

The Ioniq 5 does not suffer from the limitations of ICE vehicles or EVs derived from the ICE model because it is an EV and a born EV. Instead, Hyundai has pushed the wheels as far out as possible while maintaining a low center of gravity to free up as much space as possible within the cabin. As a result, it has a 3.0-metre wheelbase, making it one of the longest not only in its class, but also among rivals on either side of its price range.

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All powered seats

This is a feature that would normally be found in vehicles costing far more than the Ioniq 5, but it is present in this Hyundai EV. The front seats are ventilated and have lumbar support, while the back seats have heating and a manual recline function. All four seats have memory functions, and the front seats have a sliding center console for extra space.

Dual digital displays

Although this has become a standard in the Hyundai lineup, the interpretation on the Ioniq 5 is still quite exciting. Both displays are 12.3-inch HD units with high-quality graphics and no buttons, which can be frustrating to use but adds to a very smooth overall appearance.

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Panoramic sunroof

If the Ioniq 5’s interior wasn’t already bright and airy thanks to the color schemes, it also gets a dual panoramic sunroof to round out the package. The sunroof is activated electrically via buttons above the dashboard and can also be controlled using voice commands via the Bluelink-connected car system.

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Dual-zone climate control

Dual-zone climate control is the final feature on the list for the Ioniq 5’s cabin. You get a separate zone
for the front and back, each with its own set of controls. If you are already in the vehicle, you can activate it using the official mobile app or voice control.

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